The Hudson Valley Current is a Local Nonprofit
that Stimulates the Region’s Economy and Provides
Opportunities to Create More Wealth in Our Communities

Hudson Valley Current Flow Chart Diagram

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, freelance or self-employed and aren’t working as much as you could or you have unmet needs, the Current can help your business. The Current lets businesses like yours support and patronize each other without spending US Dollars. This new source of available funds helps use the full capacity of your business and allows you to put your Dollars to other uses. That is how the Current unlocks local abundance for your business and our whole community. It is a trading mechanism that works alongside the US Dollar.

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Living on Currents

Helping the Current to flow

By Nancy Eos MD My friend, a building contractor, asked me the other day, “Why should I use the Hudson Valley Current? My business is conducted in big dollar amounts with people who do not use the Current.” So I thought about it and have my answer: There are many reasons to use the Current. The main reason I do is because it is good to develop a more sustainable and local economic base. On and off over the last few decades I have researched different alternative systems. Not until now have I been offered a local currency that IRead More

Earning Currents
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